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About Us

We have a very strong American curriculum including a strong Arabic and Islam curriculum. We take pride in having the highest standards of education, along with a variety of the most recent teaching methods and tools.
At Mafaz Leadership Nursery we focus on building a strong academic foundation along with a focus on developing each students leadership skills, life skills, decision-making skills and more.


Our Mission:

At Mafaz Nursery it is our goal to discover each child’s inner strength and beauty, and build success for every child. We believe that learning comes from many different and diverse methods and that every child has the potential to become a leader with the right education and guidance. We dedicate ourselves to empower your children with the skills necessary to become a leader: strong self-esteem; good character; independence; listening and speaking skills; respect for self, others and the environment. We will fill children with an excitement and joy for learning that they will carry with them throughout life.


Our Program Goals:

Our nursery program supports the early preparation and enhancement of emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. It is our philosophy that each child will learn because our staff makes learning a fun and exciting process, with a chance for awareness, accomplishment, success, and confidence. Our goal is for every child to develop a joy for learning and have a positive first experience with the school.